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eBooks/White PapersMay 14

eBook: Making Informed Decisions: Establishing a Supply Chain ESG Baseline

Download eBook Navigating the Supply Chain ESG Landscape: A Comprehensive Guide Attitudes toward Environmental, Social and Governance efforts have undergone […]
BlogMay 2

Clean Cars, Dirty Supply Chains: The Social & Governance Cost of the Energy Transition

As the race to mitigate climate change intensifies, governments around the globe are placing major focus on the auto industry. […]
BlogApr 25

Tcertification Spotlight – Ben Line Agencies

Advancing transparency in the maritime sector Corruption in the maritime industry is widespread and often challenging to tackle due to […]
BlogMar 24

Energy Corporation Mexico S.A. Unwavering Commitment to Compliance

Corruption continues to be a significant risk for companies operating in Mexico despite a growing demand for more transparency and […]
BlogMar 18

CSDDD: A New Dawn for Corporate Sustainability?

Overcoming Obstacles: The Journey to Approval of the CSDDD  After weeks of negotiations, delays, and political manoeuvring, the European Commission […]
BlogMar 7

What is Enhanced Due Diligence? And Why Do Companies Need it?

What is Enhanced Due Diligence? Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) represents an advanced investigative process used by businesses to thoroughly assess […]