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The Ethixbase360 RFP template will guide you step-by-step through the whole process, from defining risk tolerance and compliance requirements to leveraging a combination of risk assessment tools and vendor reviews.

It's Time to Get Certified With Ethixbase360

As a business that provides goods or services to other companies, you know how limiting it is to progress through the due diligence phase separately for each individual partnership. That’s why Ethixbase360 offers fast, affordable due diligence certifications based on international standards you can complete once and present to any number of potential partners without endlessly repeating the same steps.

A strategic investment in your future growth

  • Meet international standards for compliance to do business with discerning multinational companies
  • Pay for Tcertification once and eliminate repeated reviews
  • Share your detailed compliance report with an unlimited number of current and prospective business partners
  • Improve global market viability with the competitive advantage of pre-existing compliance credential
  • Complete future onboarding with greater speed and minimal complication
  • Lay the foundation for a strong compliance program of your own

Intermediary Directory

The Intermediary Directory is a publicly searchable database of pre-vetted and trained small- and medium-sized enterprises. Intermediaries included in the Intermediary Directory have completed a comprehensive due diligence process (Tcertification) or renewed their verified report within the last year.

TRAC Register

The TRAC Register is a publicly searchable online platform that enables the rapid exchange of baseline due-diligence information. Companies, partnerships, charities, and individuals listed in the TRAC Register have been granted a unique, 12-digit Tcompliance Registered Access Code (TRAC) within the last year. TRAC is a global identification system designed to quickly and cost-effectively establish a TRAC holder’s identity, address and other information; to allow the holder to share information with customers; and to allow companies to have real-time visibility into their supply chains.

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