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A compilation of articles, highlighting the depth and complexity of this world wide problem. 

A compilation of articles, highlighting the depth and complexity of this world wide problem. 


A compilation of articles, highlighting the depth and complexity of this world wide problem. 

Ethixbase360 expands alliance with Moody’s to enhance third-party risk management solutions

Integration of AI-assisted capabilities allows a comprehensive, 360-degree view of risk at scale

LONDON, UK, May 21, 2024 – Ethixbase360, a leader in third-party risk management solutions, today announced the expansion of its long-standing alliance with Moody’s to further integrate cutting-edge data and AI technology into its market-leading Ethixbase360 Third-Party Risk Management platform.

Established in 2013, the alliance has strengthened in response to escalating client needs for end-to-end risk management solutions. This growth continues Moody’s and Ethixbase360’s commitment to providing best-in-class data for risk screening and monitoring, including AI-trained tools for false positive remediation that significantly enhance efficiency and turnaround times for clients.

The expanded alliance embeds Moody’s robust data capabilities into Ethixbase360’s comprehensive third-party risk management platform, including:

  • Access to the world’s largest curated risk-relevant database with more than 21 million risk profiles for adverse media, sanctions, and watchlists.
  • Access to more than 3.1 million profiles of politically exposed persons (PEPs) across 240 countries and territories.
  • The ability to combine and categorize data, filtering by risk type, risk age and profiles, and appropriate knowledge tags.
  • Daily updates on sanctions and watchlist data sourced directly from government authorities publishing the information.
  • The ability to reduce false positives with AI-assisted probability scoring and automatic thresholds.

Companies today face significant challenges in managing a multitude of vendors, partners, and intermediaries, each bringing their own risk profile. Increasing reliance on third-party networks has in turn escalated regulatory, operational, and reputational risks within organizations. Managing these relationships requires strategic navigation of complex regulations while balancing the demands of geopolitical challenges, supply chain logistics, and macro-economic pressures.

Ethixbase360, which has long championed continuous monitoring to increase transparency, is adding artificial intelligence to its arsenal for enhancing accuracy, speed and depth of risk analysis in an increasingly interconnected business environment. Ethixbase360’s approach is uniquely AI-assisted, not AI-driven, thereby ensuring that critical decision-making remains human-led. The company is using AI to develop tools trained by Ethixbase360 subject matter experts that improve data output and client delivery, leading to reduced turnaround times and increased operational efficiency. New AI capabilities in development will focus on analytics, enhanced due diligence, and sentiment analysis to further refine Ethixbase360’s risk management solutions.

“We are committed to continuous innovation in third-party risk management to help set industry benchmarks. Our roadmap for future product enhancements ensures we empower our clients to manage third party risks with greater confidence and precision.” – Peter Sweetbaum, Chief Executive Officer for Ethixbase360

“The transparency required to effectively monitor and manage third-party risks can be hindered by varying data standards across jurisdictions and the volume of risk inputs clients need to manage, process, and analyse. Our alliance with Ethixbase360 allows companies to harness leading data, AI-assisted technology, and industry expertise to manage third-party risk more efficiently and effectively. Moody’s data integrated into Ethixbase360’s solutions enables clients to make better, data-driven decisions.” – Keith Berry, General Manager, Moody’s compliance and third-party risk management.

About Ethixbase360

Ethixbase360 helps organizations achieve value chain transparency through its market-leading third-party risk management platform and risk-based due diligence solutions. With a dedicated focus on anti-corruption, modern slavery, human rights and ESG, Ethixbase360’s solutions are aligned with the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and provide actionable insights into third party risk and resilience factors. The Ethixbase360 platform and embedded risk-based due diligence solutions offer organizations a sustainable and scalable approach to managing third party risks across the entire value chain.

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About Moody’s compliance and third-party risk management

Moody’s is transforming compliance and third-party risk management. Integrating award-winning data, workflow automation, and AI-driven solutions, we are creating a world where risk is understood so decisions can be made with confidence.

With innovative technology and industry expertise, Moody’s automates perpetual monitoring of counterparty risk across global networks in near real-time. We work with customers to shape their know your customer (KYC), anti-financial crime, risk, and compliance programs around their risk appetite, operational needs, and strategic goals. 

Customers build a unique risk management ecosystem, tailored around their policies and compliance obligations. Leveraging Moody’s digital-first solutions for efficiency, scalability, and flexibility, customers manage processes from customer and supplier onboarding to enhanced due diligence and risk monitoring.

Moody’s is helping customers build a picture of risk across 197 countries, and 211 jurisdictions, screening against our database of +21 million risk profiles, +489 million entities, and +51,000 sanctioned entities.  

Our data-driven solutions empower risk and compliance professionals to make decisions efficiently and effectively, using a risk-based approach. Staying ahead of risks and ensuring the integrity of operations.

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