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A compilation of articles, highlighting the depth and complexity of this world wide problem. 

A compilation of articles, highlighting the depth and complexity of this world wide problem. 

Understanding Child Labor & the Migrant Crisis in the U.S.

Child labor in business supply chains is a global concern, with millions of exploited children annually. Misconceptions about exploitation only in certain areas hinder proper risk assessment. Failing to address child labor risks exacerbates the crisis. 

A recent investigation unveils a disturbing trend: unaccompanied migrant children increasingly trapped in child labor.

The US spotlight highlights the plight of over 250,000 child migrants in full-time employment due to economic fallout and inadequate support. 

A lack of oversight and labor shortages foster child labor through third parties. The European crisis remains undisclosed, demanding greater due diligence. The US lacks specific laws for child migrant labor, relying on broader regulations. Canadian law requires transparency in supply chains to combat forced labor. Violations lead to reputational damage. Collaborative governance, clear contracts, and enhanced transparency tools are crucial.

Ethixbase360 offers a comprehensive platform for third-party risk management. Addressing child labor is urgent in mitigating supply chain risk.

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