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Industry Outlook Report | Aerospace

Ethixbase360’s Industry Outlook Report centers on the rapidly increasing regulatory developments within the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry.
The aerospace and defense industries are no strangers to regulation and enforcement, but 2022 brought a quickening pace of developments in certain areas. With the trend of anti-bribery and corruption regulation being the overriding theme, companies must be vigilant in maintaining insight into their third-party network’s grasp of these regulations.
The challenges brought down some high-profile companies and serve as a cautionary tale for the industry. A lack of comprehensive mitigation tools and a culture of corruption are prevalent issues that companies of all sizes must address.
The challenges of 2023 all boil down to the need for full visibility throughout sprawling third-party networks.

Read this Ethixbase360 Industry Outlook Report to understand:

✔ The regulatory landscape as it stands today including high-profile crackdowns 
✔ What upcoming obstacles do aerospace organizations need on their radar 
✔ The challenges that brought down aerospace companies in 2022 
✔ The critical due diligence capabilities and tools required for 2023
✔ The lessons other industries can learn from the A&D example
Read our latest report to learn how to embrace more powerful tools to cultivate ongoing global compliance in the face of tightening ESG disclosures.
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